Below are instructions to plan a new event after logging into Activity Cloud.

Note: Events planned within Activity Cloud pass back to ACTIVE Works Endurance, where events can be finalized and activated to open registration

1. Click Plan New Event button (top left)
2. Step 1: Choose Event Type
a. Sport Type (Adventure, Duathlon, Running, Triathlon, Walking, etc.)
b. Distance (the options vary based on the Sport Type selected)
EXAMPLE: 5K, 10K Run, 12 Hour, 10 Mile, Half Century, Olympic
3. Step 2: Enter Event Details
a. Select Organization
i. Choose organization from drop-down to manage event
b. Enter Event Name
c. Upload Event Logo
d. Enter Event Location
e. Choose Event Date
i. Click calender icon
ii. Click < or > to choose month
iii. Click More Options
iv. Choose Registration Open/Close dates
f. Click Apply
4. Step 3: Enter Event Goals
a. Enter anticipated Registration Revenue
b. Enter anticipated number of Participants
i. Avg. Registration Fee will adjust according to previous selections
5. Click Save Plan