Grow your RevenueKnow your ParticipantsOptimize your Marketing
Gain insights to manage, forecast, and manipulate your pricing schedule based on local and historical data.Find your target market, location, demographics, and community interests based on current and forecasted consumer trends.Plan, launch, and analyze your campaigns across multiple marketing channels and platforms.

2-Benefits Benefits of Activity Cloud - Your Intelligent Activity Cloud
We're revolutionizing the endurance market to provide you confidence in all aspects of your event, including:
- Average size, scale & reach of your activities
- Pricing strategies & recommendations
- Participation & revenue forecasts
- Benchmarks & competitive analysis for your event

3-Event-Listing Event Listing - See all of your events in one spot
Pass, current, and planned events are all available in one spot - your Event List page in Activity Cloud. Search or filter through your events to find the one you're looking for, or create a new event to launch your event planning tools.

All changes you make in your event in Activity Cloud are updated in ACTIVE Works Endurance automatically - so everything remains seamless for you, your event, and your participants!

4-Event-Dashboard Event Dashboard - Quick information about your events
Track your event with the Event Dashboard in Activity Cloud! You'll see an overview of your event, the progress towards your goals, and helpful information to improve event performance.

This information is updated every time you log into Activity Cloud, so you'll always see the most up-to-date information. For our PRO users, you will also see comparisons to similar & competitive events - an extra bonus to determine just how well you're doing.

5-Event-Optimization Event Optimization - Optimize your event with our suggestions
Throughout Activity Cloud, you will see opportunities to optimize your event based on your previous, current, and forecasted performance. Our suggestions are based on more than fifteen years of event data and powerful forecasting algorithms specifically designed for your event.

6-Upgrade Upgrade to Pro - See more, do more, and track more
Benchmark your progress against your competitors - gain access to dynamic pricing tools, additional insights into your participants,and planning modules with additional recommendations and suggestions.

Activity Cloud will show you where you can gain greater insights into your event with the PRO version and guide you through the upgrade process.

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