Below are instructions on how to create an Email Exclusive after logging into Marketing Hub.

1. Click Email Icon email-icon (right of corresponding campaign)
Note: Page will not load if campaign budget is not set to a minimum of at least $200
2. Click Heading to edit Email Exclusive title
Note: 45 character limit
3. Add Offer amount
a. Click dollar amount next to Register button
b. Select Offer amount
c. Click Save
4. Click Logo image to add your organization's logo
5. Click Photo to add a general image to email exclusive
6. Click within Description field to add information about event
Note: 300 character limit
7. Check box under Coupon code applies to the following event categories to assign categories to this offer
8. Click Submit email

Note: Email Exclusives may be edited at any time prior to approval - once approved, no further edits are permitted (approval process normally takes 2-3 business days)