If you need to change prices for your event in Activity Cloud, use these steps:
  1. From Activity Cloud, select desired event and navigate to the ACTIVE Revenue Generator® tab
  2.  Click $ button beside graph to view Pricing Schedule
  3. Create and edit pricing schedule
  4. Either:
    • If no pricing segments have been set, click Add Price to create registration prices and dates for your event during registration period
    • If there are existing price segments, click Edit and then + to add more segments, or - to remove
    • If you have multiple segments within same event category, adjust start or end date by clicking into an existing segment and inputting the desired dates or click and drag dividers between segments to adjust dates
  5. For each price segment, input registration fee that will remain in effect for the duration of that segment's date range or (for ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® PRO users) until a dynamic pricing rule has been triggered by clicking into segment and filling available entry fields
  6. (ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® PRO Option) allow segments to adjust automatically based on market demand by clicking into a segment and selecting desired rule from Add Rule dropdown.
    • Note: Each option will have its own set of variables and potential outcomes that you can choose from.
  7. Click Apply